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Outsourcing Services

Our company provides a wide range of services in Russia, including software development, testing, support, maintenance, operations and sales.

Outsource your Projects — Save 60% by outsourcing to Russia. Sub-contract requirement collection and project development. Take advantage of highly skilled man power and flawless execution.
Hire Developers — Save time hunting developers with proper skills and attitude, select reliable resources from our talent pool right now. Manage developers remotely. Adjust the team size as you like.
Delegate Customer Support & Maintenance — Keep your customers happy by offering 24x7 phone/email/chat support of professionals trained in communication and technical skills.
Establish your Business — Setup your own development company in Russia. Let us do the paperwork and hire talented people. Benefit from graceful transition from outsourcing to execution.
Sale in Russia — Hire our sales to provide you contacts, leads, customer meetings and signed contracts. Take advantage of software marketing skills, and knowledge of the local market.

Rate Card

Professional AreaRate per Hour
Business Analytics€35
Quality Assurance€25
Java Development€30
.NET Development€35
iOS Development€30
Android Development€30
User Interface Design€30
System Integration€50
Project Management€50

For junior and senior (leading) professionals 0.75 and 1.5 multipliers apply.

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