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понедельник, 24 марта 2014 г.

Compiler Testing Services

Our company offers the most comprehensive test and validation services for compilers. Based upon 35+ years of our experience in compiler construction and validation, our company provides a unique level of compiler test coverage and will find difficult problem cases in any compiler. Our debugging engineers help localizing most difficult problems including specific ones for optimizing compilers, dynamic and binary compilers as well as virtual execution environments.

The company provides a unique level of confidence. We load compilers with reliability and performance loads, try complex known cases for different languages and architectures, thus ensure the highest possible level of robustness. By providing a full cycle of testing process along with continuous integration tools, we ensure continuous quality increase of the product. With millions of tests running in a distributed environment after every commit, our infrastructure localizes problems immediately when they arise.

Here is a brief description of available test suites.

  • Conformance tests check the basic constructs of the language to ensure it matches the specification. The test suite contains a number of negative tests which check if the compiler gracefully handles erroneous programs.
  • Regression tests form growing test base which ensures that the same problems do not arise again.
  • Stress tests check compiler limits in terms of sizes, number of basic blocks, expression depth, number of live variables.
  • Optimization tests provide a wide range of checks for any of known optimizations for specific architectures.
  • Auto-generated tests systematically explore combinations of operators, types, storage classes and constant values.
  • Standard library tests ensure compliance of standard libraries.
  • Performance tests check how quick your compiler is. What is more important, the benchmark how efficient the generated code is on different architectures.
  • Verification tests enable your new architecture to run the compiled code smoothly.

Our engineers provided quality assurance for different compilers (gcc, icc, javac, jvm jit, ...), languages (java, javascript, dart, c++, ...) and architectures (ARM, x86, ...). We love learning new hardware architectures and debugging multi-core and GPU parallelization.

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