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Openmeetings Developers Landing Page

Одолевать пустыню тяжело, особенно когда человек думает, что он одолевает её ради месячного оклада

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Our company is looking for Apache Openmeetings developers. Haven't you tired of your current project? Why not to spend few days by placing your name on a list of the project committers? You won't know how exciting our project is until you give it a try.

If you found yourself on this page, you may also be looking for some other kind of software development job. Free software provides a good test task for any professional, doesn't it?

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Please save your time by passing a small test. Enter a sum of numbers from 1 to 99 here: and press enter to see the offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find questions and answers below.

Where could I take a look at the product?

Popular test servers include demo.dataved.ru, or the ones listed on the Apache web site.

What is exact name of the position?

I don't really care how your position is called. You can invent the name yourself. If you want being a VP engineering, I order the business cards. Also at some point you may become Apache committer for providing high quality contributions to the product.

Where is the job description?

The first step for an applicant is to uncover a hidden message above by entering a proper value in the input field.

What if I lack coding skills?

Your career path will be brighter if you understand how to code. Good news are Openmeetings is the best place to learn. It's not that difficult to see how your fixes work. The changes are mostly local, hence it's hard to break the whole product. And you can always ask community for help and guidance.

Still there are plenty of things to do for guys who are skilled in different areas. We have more than 600 open tickets in two bug databases. They require management and cleaning. Valid issues should be fixed and then verified, invalid ones should be a subject for root cause investigation and the project usability improvements.

Any improvements to existing instructions are welcome. I'm especially interested if you document examples of successful integration and interpretation between Openmeetings and other systems, e.g. based on SIP, SOAP, REST or other supported protocols.

We are greatful for users who use Openmeetings and spread the word. For example, web masters can install the video chat on their web sites. And anyone can write success stories in their blogs or help newcomers on the list.

Where will I work?

We and our partners have a number of offices in Moscow, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Karlsruhe, Minsk and few other cities. You can work remotely if you can manage it for yourself. For those who can do on-site product maintenance a number of possible choices include client offices.

Do you guys do official business?

We pay taxes we are aware of. We just don't pay much attention to bureaucracy. If you want more formality on some subject, you drive the process.

Can we sign an official contract?

You can sign an official contract with Dataved, LLC after the test is compelted. For a Russia citizen we can offer a labor contract (salary included).

What about payment?

Meritocracy principle is about paying more for greater contributions. What is your performance? The testing task payment is to be discussed, further payments depend on how good you are at performing the task. Try to adjust the testing task scope keeping payment expectations under a thousand of euros.

Why I cannot get answers to my questions?

You may use incorrect communication channel. Free software culture encourages technical discussions to be held at a development list. Please use openmeetings-dev@incubator.apache.org to discuss anything except your payment.

Is there a feasible future for another Skype or Hangouts?

As for Microsoft competitors, Openmeetings is best matched with Lync. Skype usability is the best for 1:1 communication, while conference usability patterns include simple management of multiple participants and group behavior. Being a global centralized network, Skype has to share any details of your conversations with law enforcers, then the data can leak.

Anyway. The question still stands about our chances. What are chances to stay against solid and aggressive technology monopolies like Microsoft? Openmeetings' zero price is competitive, developers cannot be bought because there is no company which employs them all, and Apache Foundation allows being on the safe side from patent lawsuits. Standard methods for killing a competitive product won't work. That's why we have a future. Still it requires an effort to make the future brighter.

The toughest competitor is possibly Google Hangouts. Still Hangouts are proprietary technology. For those who want custom branding or customized solutions Google's product doesn't work.

Can we have voice communication?

We held a conference, the time is to be scheduled on request. You are welcome.

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Родион, Алексей, давно не виделись, скучаю по вам.

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Родион мне тут звонил на днях. Спрашиваю, за чем звонил, Родион? Не помнит Родион. Вот такая жизнь у нас сумашедшая...

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Очень интересно, особенно система аналитики.

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